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Family is Family

Domestic distribution

Televisió de Catalunya
Telephone +34 934 999 333
Data d'estrena 01/01/2010

Produced by

Technical details

  • Year
  • 2010

  • Type
  • Fiction - Series

  • Genre
  • Comedy

  • Audience
  • General Audiences

  • Runtime
  • 55' x 15

  • Original version
  • Catalan

  • Format
  • Colour, Betacam Digital, Dolby Digital

  • Status
  • Completed

  • Web


Remei Cases is tired of working at her husband Pau's driving school. Her friend Dul encourages her to become a family counselor. Pau, retreated into a world of his own by watching wildlife documentaries, tends to interpret social behavior in the context of animal behavior. The couple live in a typical flat in Barcelona's Sagrada Família district with their children and Remei's father, owner of the flat. The family scene is a source of endless bickering that Remei can't solve, even though she's a family counselor. What she'd really like to do is to send them all packing-husband, kids, in-laws-and make a fresh start, but then... family is family.

Production company(ies)

Televisió de Catalunya
Contact Oriol Baquer
Address Carrer de la TV3 s/n 08970 Sant Joan Despí, Spain
Telephone +34 934 999 333
Fax +34 934 731 563