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Love in self-defence

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Technical details

  • Year
  • 2006

  • Type
  • Fiction - Feature Film

  • Genre
  • Drama

  • Audience
  • Adults

  • Runtime
  • 108'

  • Original version
  • Spanish

  • Format
  • Colour, 35mm, Dolby Digital

  • Status
  • Completed


Together they've been through three divorces. She has a son she never sees and says she's a painter; he's a retired footballer who makes a living by ripping off fools with emotional problems. Both of them are in their forties but neither of them has done anything great with their lives. Ruben and Adriana have just met, by chance, in a bar. He lies. She hides the truth. After the effects of love at first sight, when they try to start a relationship, they both find it hard to unravel their pasts, their mistakes and their lies.

Production company(ies)

Contact J. Méndez
Address Ciudad de la Imagen. Virgilio 2, Ed.1 28223 Madrid, Spain
Telephone +34 915 127 830
Fax +34 915 127 807