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Forbidden to Forbid

Technical details

  • Year
  • 2006

  • Type
  • Fiction - Feature Film

  • Genre
  • Drama

  • Audience
  • Adults

  • Runtime
  • 105'

  • Original version
  • Portuguese

  • Format
  • Colour, 35mm, Dolby Digital

  • Status
  • Completed


Paulo and Leticia are in love with each other, but she is dating León, Paulo's best friend. Whilst all three are university students, they cannot elude the abounding violence in Brazil. In his effort to save a boy who witnessed a crime committed by policemen, León is wounded. Paulo, who studies medicine, operates on him at home with the help of Leticia and manages to save him.

Production company(ies)

Contact J. Méndez
Address Ciudad de la Imagen. Virgilio 2, Ed.1 28223 Madrid, Spain
Telephone +34 915 127 830
Fax +34 915 127 807


Donostia San Sebastian International Film Festival - Horizontes Latinos (Selección Horizontes, Made in Spain, Cine en construcción) 2006
International Festival of New Latin American Cinema 2006 - Jury Award